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Modern androgyny

Modern androgyny

Androgynous fashion is a very misunderstood trend, with few women able to truly pull off this look.

But the secret to mastering this theme is to find the perfect balance between masculine tailoring and feminine glamour.

Add in a dash of confidence and you should soon be well on your way to mastering the androgynous look.

One woman who managed to do this perfectly was Princess Diana.

She was famed for not only her sophisticated ball gowns and gemstone jewellery but also her love of tailored suits and crisp white shirts.

One of her most famous outfits consisted of a black Escada suit which sh...

Duchess of Cambridge 'is UK's most influential beauty icon'

Duchess of Cambridge 'is UK's most influential beauty icon'

Kate Middleton is one of the world's most recognisable women. With her flowing brunette locks, radiant smile and sun-kissed glow she has certainly earned herself many followers.

The royal has this week been named the UK's most influential beauty icon in a new poll.

A survey from Feel Unique found that 30 per cent of British women enjoy using the...

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